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I really can't wait for an {{champion:2}} VGU [](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-cBHw6GNA10E/UjDC-YYlOPI/AAAAAAAACOg/LKUSKnv1aoI/s1600/Olaf_Splash_0.png) I hope they age him up as a continuation of his story like {{champion:84}}. Make him an old man with a badass Norse beard (he's never had to cut it because he's never lost a battle) and a long mane of white hair. He is afraid of a natural death, a death devoid of glory, a death only suited for milk-drinkers and not befitting of a warrior of his stature. The best way to further his character is to put him closer to that phobia. Increasingly more desperate to die in battle as he knows his time grows short, but hampered by his fury that always triggers a lifesaving burst of energy every time he is within a hair's length of sweet death. The years of dejecting failures have made Olaf a bit melancholy and bitter as hell, but still he is capable of being silly like the old Olaf, to give some much needed comic relief. One of Olafs' main problems in my eyes is that he really isn't associated strongly with other champions in League and thus feels disconnected. Hell even in the old lore he came from "Lokfar" which was not part of the Freljord at the time but a distant land that Olaf was trying to keep secret from the powers that be in Valoran. He fights for Sejuani, but all they really have is a warrior's respect between them, because Olaf was able to beat a bunch of her warriors when they canonized him. They have a lot in common so he should have some deeper relationship with her. Maybe he sees a younger version of himself in her and likes her grit and she can look to him for counsel, because he has this vast pool of experience to draw from. This contributes to Sejuanis' character too. By far my second favorite splash art in League is Traditional Sejuani (Kindreds' base splash is probably GOAT, we'll talk about Kindred as well don't you worry) [](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/0/00/Sejuani_TraditionalSkin.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20170427194304) Sejuani sharing a quiet moment with Bristle before a battle. No action poses, no motion, but it says so much more than any splash art in the game. It makes me see her as more than just a bloodthirsty warlord. It humanizes her. Having a deep father-daughter relationship with Olaf could do the same. Kindred is obviously another character that Olaf needs to interact with. Kindred is a manifestation of death and death is what Olaf is obsessed with above all other things. He constantly sees visions of the wolf and the lamb. Peering at him from the periphery of the battle field whenever Olaf is embroiled in the thick of combat. He can catch a glimpse of the pair from the corner of his eyes, but when he turns to look it is always gone. He doesn't know if these sightings should fill him with excitement or dread. One thing is clear: the end is coming, but is it the one he wants? The biggest relationship Olaf needs though is with this fellow right here: {{champion:106}} Olaf lives for battle, it only makes sense that his demi-god of choice is Volibear. He reveres him, prays to him before every battle. He prays for more enemies to be thrown at him so that he can finally meet his glorious end. Little does Olaf know that Volibear favors Olaf too... Ever wonder about the lightning effects on Olafs' W and E? Kinda weird that some random Viking dude who isn't a mage can use very "magical looking" abilities isn't it? Electrical abilities that are reminiscent of our very own god of thunder and battle Tho- i mean Volibear... Yep Volibear certainly does favor Olaf, so much so that he made him one of his chosen followers and bestowed his protection and abilities upon Olaf years ago, so that Volibears' ideals of survival of the fittest would be exemplified in the Freljord. Kindred, disgusted by this aberration in the natural cycle of life, finds out and relays the truth to Olaf in a series of abstract dreams and nightmares (these would make for good color stories I think). Olaf finally pieces it together and is at first filled with rage, Olaf has always loved Volibear, but now feels like he has been betrayed. All of this agony, all for naught. This could also make Olaf feel insecure, he thought he was the greatest warrior in the world, at least he could take solace with that fact even though he would not die, but now he knows that he was always fighting with an unfair advantage, a handicap. Were any of his glorious victories truly his? Then another idea forms in Olafs' mind. His rage is replaced with an uncontainable excitement. If he cannot die to a mere mortal, then he will challenge the god himself. {{champion:106}} He will either finally claim the death he so desperately wants in a duel for the ages with the Thunders' Roar itself OR will achieve a deed that will cement Olaf's legacy in stone for untold generations of Freljordian children to hear about until the end of time: He would be a God-killer. Now that would certainly ease the shame of dying in his bed. Armed with this knowledge and newly resolved, Olaf sets out to meet his fate. So what do you think?
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