Can SG Syndra be cancelled or re-designed?

5 years after Syndra's release, another skin worse than her default one. Looking at her skin collection feels embarrassing as a Syndra main. As a huge Syndra main I kind of feel left out in terms of skins, and I'm thankfully not the only Syndra main who feels that way. I respect Riot's skin design team and they've made some incredible skins in the past years, but the ones they make for Syndra just don't click. **Not a single skin builds upon Syndra's theme and design, none, 0, absolutely nothing.** And that's what I hate so much about her, I don't mind getting a skin friendly-type skin like snowday Syndra. But the fact that ALL her skins are like snowday Syndra makes me really mad. Star Guardian doesn't fit Syndra's theme not even in the slightest, go watch the skin splotlight video and the comments are filled with her not fitting the theme at all. Syndra doesn't need a Star Guardian skin, she doesn't need a spiky dress, animal-like orbs, cute sounds and an eye patch. **_SYNDRA THE DARK SOVEREIGN_** Looking at her name and titel alone should give a good hint on what type of skins us Syndra mains actually want. Can you imagine the possibilities for a legendary Syndra skin? Skins that build upon her theme, her power and personality? They are limitless, but Riot always chooses the weakest themes for her. I even remember back in early 2014 when I first started to play and main Syndra, I would imagine the kind of skins she could get in the up coming years. Boy was I wrong. I just wish Syndra would get 1 skin she deserves, and not some silly dress-up cosplay theme everyone else already has. - A frustrated Syndra main desperately waiting years for a skin worthy for Syndra. EDIT: These downvotes shows that I'm one of the few actually, quite sad to see. I guess everyone else is willing to buy skins that could've been made for every other female character ever. Myself prefers quality and something being unique from others.
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