Sylas's design does not convey 'prisoner' or 'rebel upstart'

Sylas is an equalizer, an anarchist, or maybe a classical Leninist socialist. He's the peoples champion. This guy wants to kill kings and remove the ideology of peasantry. He's not some high demacian lord. He's been in Jail for 15 years. You know what he looks like? A Demacian Lord. Just one that put on electro shockers so he could cosplay as the shocker from Spiderman, and then put on some really nice fitting jeans and ripped his shirt off. He doesn't look bad, but he certainly doesn't fit the role. I'll end off with this: Do you remember how Christian Bale looked like in the pit, from Dark Knight? The pit was the jail. He looks like a fucking bum/prisoner...... BECAUSE HE WAS ONE.... [Pit 1]( [Pit 2]( You know what Sylas looks like right now? A guy on a date with Anne Hathaway without a shirt on. Like jesus, he doesn't even have a 5 o clock shadow. He has this well groomed beard and goatee+soul patch.
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