What is exceptional about Gragas that he is among 140 extraordinary entities?

Riot Scathlocke said: "...champions in LoL are only the ~140 most exceptional beings in the entire setting...". This and recent discussions about powercreep made me thinking: what is exceptional about Gragas then? His old and new lore is just him being enormous for a human, being the best brewmaster in the world and a pretty skilled businessman but while it's pretty exceptional it's not a big deal in comparison to champions like Jax who survived apocalypse (Icathia) and is a beast when it comes to fighting, GP who ruled an entire city state (whose citizens were criminals to the bone) with an iron fist while also stealing serious stuff from largest empire in world (he robbed Swain out of his flagship) or from Zed's order not to mention far more exceptional beings like Aspects, Demigods, Ascended. What criterias must one fulfill to be considered a champion and what criterias did Gragas fulfill?
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