Hey Bioluminesence. Just hoping for some non meme answers

Hey Bio. I'm a real fan of yours you are a champion on boards. I was just hoping if you could answer some old questions I had that were never answered or answered in a joke (if you don't know I would love to hear the thoughts of other rioters). But my question is why was in necessary to make Galio that big and does it make sense? Also does the answer justify how **stupid**ly large he is (he was made to be a movable bulwark, how in the hell a nation that doesn't use magic or tech do this) ? I actually love his new personality and everything about his lore except literally his size. That's the tl;dr question below is a comment I copied from a post about how I fee.l It felt to me they only made him gargoyle enough to pass as Galio. And what I hate about the new lore is that they introduce some new ideas that have just simply put, logical problems and almost never address it, answer questions or if they do they respond in memes and jokes. Back to galio as an example, he was built to be a mobile anti magic shield (all in his lore) , and this dude comes back with a statue of liberty? How do they move this? Demacia doesn't use magic and from what we can tell they aren't technologically advanced so how did they expect to move him? How was doran not put to death??? And on another note about galio, in his stories with Lux, how does he move and leave the damn city, without anyone noticing or being concerned? How is this not an issue and go unnoticed or without consequences??? Especially in a notably magic-phobic state? I think Galio was just made too huge, his stories and lore would make a lot more sense if he was even just 20 feet. Something that big moving in a war doesn't just disappear into folk tales, that makes no sense.
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