For one of the biggest skin lines I’m surprised Bloodmoon has no legendaries

Think about all the most popular skin lines rn Dark Star- DS Thresh and Jhin Project- Project Yi, Ashe, Vayne, Pyke Star Guardian- SG Ahri and Jinx Arcade- Battle Boss Blood moon- Well Nothing? For one of the most popular and biggest skin lines anyone else find it weird that we don’t have any legendary blood moon skins atm? I can already think of the champions that should’ve been legendary in the blood moon line, like aatrox or Diana alas are only epic skins :P I feel like Zed and Kayn would make excellent Legendary skins for blood moon because they really fit the theme but they just got Legendary Skins from the Odyssey universe so while they can get and might receive blood moon skins, probably won’t be legendary skins, I’ve also thought that kindred or kaisa could get one though kindred fits so much better especially as a legendary skin because of how they are, they could be this powerful mystical mask demons in the world of blood moon cherishing the process of death and stuff :P As for kaisa sadly I feel like it’s more likely for her to get a legendary blood moon skin cause u know popularity sells :( But imo at this point almost any champion can fit into the blood moon theme, just slap a red demon mask and some Japanese clothes that are also red BOOM blood moon skin
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