Leblanc Visual Update?

I've been playing league for about 2 years now and from what i've noticed is that there is a lack of visuals that are being updated for most champions. However I know that riot is working their hardest to work on their champions (such as Volibear and Fiddlesticks). But given how certain champions (I.e. Ezreal, Morgana & Kayle, Irelia etc.) who have been here for a very long time have received new visuals, I know it's time to update Leblanc. Her current look somewhat borish when looking at it. Plus with the benefit of a VGU theres also a chance to give her new voicelines and interactions, I would love to see Leblanc talk to swain or jarvan in combat. Overall I hope riot can get to work on my favorite burst mage in game and bring her into the spotlight once again.
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