Who else thinks that Shurima should have another update in lore?

I am heavily biased towards Shurima, my favorite region in Runeterra, and would like to know who else is interested in an update towards the lore of the region in question. Also who is your favorite Shuriman Champ, mine being Azir, but I don't count the Void as part of Shurima because the portal to the Void is near Shurima and not directly in it, nor the jungle next to Shurima. So please tell what your thoughts are. The Shurimans I'm considering are {{champion:268}} , {{champion:32}} , {{champion:33}} , {{champion:75}} , {{champion:58}} , {{champion:15}} , {{champion:163}} , and the bitch himself, because I hate him {{champion:101}} .
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