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Cassiopeia is a terrifying creature - half woman, half snake - whose slightest glance brings death. The youngest daughter of one of Noxus's most influential families, she was once a beautiful and cunning temptress capable of manipulating the hardest heart.
Riot really said fuck Du Couteau family rights this time around, huh? But what I mean seriously: is anyone else really confused by this total shift of the Du Couteau family? Before, they seemed like a pretty tight-knit family? Like, they kind of had a "blood runs thicker than water" mentality to them. I thought one of the biggest parts about Katarina and Talon was their loyalty to the Du Couteau name, even if it went against Noxus, and it was their father's disappearance as to their primary reason why they distrusted Swain. Even if it wasn't exactly that case in the old lore, a lot of people assumed it was like that, and it extended into Cassiopeia's lore as well. But this new lore? It first was challenged with Katarina's lore update, but now Cassiopeia's lore update breaks it even further. Not only does Katarina hate and actively rebel against her father, but now it turns out Cassiopeia and her mother - General Du Couteau's wife - was plotting against them this whole time. They're no longer a close family, they're completely scattered in motivations and resentful towards each other. Now, I'm not saying this is automatically a bad thing. There are some aspects to this new update I like, from both Kata's and Cass's new lore. But I don't really know: I kind of feel that Riot took a complete 180 when writing the Du Couteaus and their relationships to each other, and it feels rather weird that they go with a path so vehemently against their previous interpretation. Am I the only one who feels like this? I'm not saying the new lore is bad, it's just that this aspect is bothering me about it and I don't quite know what to think. Also, some questions now that Cassie's lore raises them. Answers would be much appreciated: 1. It says that when General Du Couteau was called back for the Ionian War, he took Katarina with him. Does this mean Katarina served in the Noxian invasion? I assumed this wasn't the case because her lore didn't mention it. 2. Does General Du Couteau, Talon, or Katarina know of Cassiopeia's or her mother's involvement with the Black Rose? Do they regard the cult as an enemy? 3. Based on the wording of the bio, I'm assuming that Cass was a pre-teen (10-12 years) when her mother was poisoned. Is this correct? Can you give us a rough estimate of how old she is in present time? How much older is Katarina than her? 4. Why did Soreana join the Black Rose? Why did she seek Cass to do the same? Are we not supposed to know that yet? 5. Is Soreana still and presently alive? 6. Can you offer any new info on Marcus Du Couteau's disappearance/death? 7. What "power" was Cass exactly gifted by? Is it similar to Ascension? Something lesser? Something darker? 8. Why did House Du Couteau, besides Soreana and Cassiopeia, accept Swain's rule? 9. What did Soreana and the Black Rose want with the power she sent Cass to get? 10. So Cassiopeia and Sivir have had more than one journey into Shurima for Black Rose purposes? Is this correct? 11. Does any of Cassiopeia's family know of her transformation? Do they think she's missing, or dead? If they know, what do they think of her now? 12. So Cass and Soreana seem to have a good relationship with each other, but what of her relationship to Katarina? To her father? What about Soreana's relationship with those two? Do either of them know Talon? 13. Is her current short story canon anymore? 14. What is she planning on doing next, exactly? Is she going back to Noxus? Staying in Shurima? Trying to contact the Black Rose somehow? Doing something on her own? 15. Will Talon ever get a lore update anytime soon? Please. Don't forget about him. Thank you, and that's all my thoughts. Feel free to share your own.
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