Chembaron: What do you want to see in such a champion?

Hello summoners, []( it's me again, Yamada, trying to spread my chembaron propaganda. I am still hoping that Riot will give us a chembaron champion some day in the future, to help them out a bit here, I just thought that I should ask the community what they want to see for a chembaron. The general concept "chembaron" is very versatile, there are many different approaches to the thematic. Do you want a gold greedy support, who commands his underlings to do the work for him, while they sit back plotting? Maybe a chembaron who got harmed by another champion in the past, like Urgot or Warwick, and therefore now has built their own body into a weapon to hunt them down? What should their gameplay shtick be? Are they able to augment their team like they do with vigilnauts in the lore? Do they have access to some kind of "black market", enabling them to buy unique items no one else has able to purchase? Maybe you even got ideas for a specific kit, look, or anything else. Please share your thoughts here, I would love to read some fan ideas to implement one of my colleagues in the Summoner's Rift.
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