A creative way to reuse Aatrox's revive voice lines.

With the removal of Aatrox's Revive mechanic, there are a perfectly solid bunch of voice lines that are not being used due to how powerful and overbearing his revive was in game, and it would be a shame not to hear them. So the two ways that I see these voice lines being implemented are as follows: - Whenever Aatrox gets a kill and extends the duration of World-Ender. OR - When the duration of World-Ender ends and Aatrox is still alive. Not only would this give the person who is playing Aatrox more immersion, it would also be using voice lines that were meant to be in the game. Thoughts? *Edit: One of the comments point out that the voice lines are attached to both Zilean"s ult and Guardian Angel. However, I still stand by the fact that the voice lines could be use in a more intuitive way due to how rarely Zilean is played and how niche Guardian Angel is.*
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