[Lore Question] Which would be stronger, A targonian Aspect or Xerath.

Just a quick tid bit I was thinking off, According to Aurelion Sol, the power of the sun disc is mere a pale imitation of his sun's power. And as far as we know Ascended are inferior in nearly every way to the Aspects. We also know that some Aspects such as DIana can create such powerful artifacts that they hold off countless void hordes while the Shuriman Ascended needed physical armies to preform similar feats. On the other side though, Xerath isn't a normal Ascended and actually carries so much power of the sundisc that it drained the disc of it's power and destroyed his body. We also know that on rare occassions such as with Aatrox, a (former) Ascended can both overpower and kill an Aspect such as the aspect of war. I dont know, just something to ponder about.
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