Why i feel Zoe was a wasted effort

Just my opinion here, really just expressing my thoughts on Zoe. 1) She's just really bland. Shes basically a pretween girl with alot of flashy lights. She's a Targonian? This is what Aurilion Sol was afraid of? Pfftf. 2) her kit is alright, but given the difficulty of trying to play pong mid-combat, there's no real benefit to bouncing her shot, it literally does no extra damage. Alot of extra trouble for basically nothing 3) her ability to use copies of summoner spells i feel is a little OP 4)ANOTHER "human-looking" champion in the game. Yay cuz we all wanna be humans playing humans in a game right? 5) it feels oddly repulsive and somewhat discomforting that a young girl charachter that obviously looks like an underaged girl enters this combat on the rift and fights to the death 6)she feels like a project that spent 1 day in the art department and about 20 minutes in development before release. Lack of depth in everything, kit, lore, gameplay just some complaints i wanted to vent that nobody has to listen to gg
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