I Miss Old Swain.

New Swain certainly is a champion. A long time ago while I was still a frequenter of these boards there was a joking thread here where We were discussing his then up-coming rework. Vaarus (Unlike him I will keep to Darkin naming conventions) had come out and retconning the man who had nothing to lose to two men, a darkin that... well while it's an interesting concept it was not Varus. We worried about it happening to Swain you see: One in particular portrayed a version of Swain, the Master Tactican, as a dumb, brutish tank of a man. Luckily new Swain... well he is something isn't he? I don't really mind him, but... well, I kinda prefer Old Swain over all. Partly because he was my favorite mid-laner and his kit of being a tanky mage was interesting. Though this isn't the place to discuss new-Swain's Kit of course. Overall the lore for him is... mostly fine. I knew there wasn't gonna be as much mystery about them, given that Old-Swain's backstory is basicly (Mysterious Cripple with a pet bird that may or may not be a crow demon) and I like the Idea of Swain having a larger goal and motivation outside of noxus, given I'm quite fond of villains with those types of motivations, and even I would have had Old-Swain be a hard-liner Noxus patriot (Despite, well, he was a part of the Black Rose, though he did leave i think it could be argued he was manipulating the society of Noxius to his own gain. ) Not to mention... well in the Old Lore, back when there was a League Of legends in the game he managed to manipulate Demacia and get himself crowned as leader, after gaining popular support through people Like Darius and getting rid of the admittedly kinda Stupid Evil Noxian leaders who opposed him. Tyrant Swain is basicly him... he won. And then Old Lore stopped but hey it was certainly interesting... That's how i liked swain; he's a schemer with great power, able to manipulate cultures and civilization against one another. He's a great tactician, great mage and honestly perhaps in need of an expanded backstory. New Swain is... similar, though i will certain miss old Swain in his deign (Seriously, new Swain Looks like Lucius Malfoy. I liked the kinda-Ugly Bald bad-guy) And voice (wasn't much but i like Snarky Old Dude) And well... new Swain is interesting as he's fighting two wars (one against Ionia, the other against Demacia) that are drains on resources… oh, and lost his hand ({{champion:41}} and him... are the other villains going to lose hands too?) And well.. that doesn't sound like Swain. haven't read a lot of the new Fluff but Swain... never struck me as the type to go lose a hand, benefits him in the long run or not. Seriously, don't make Him Abaddon. There's only so much 'actually this went EXACTLY as i wanted even though i lost a recourses AND a hand!' so uh... well they need to be careful moving on. Plus... well, he's rather interesting in that given that Old Swain was against needless conflicts... Still... While I dislike New Swain a bit... he's fine.

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