What does it take to become a Narrative Writer at Riot?

Hi there. I'm a Digital Media Design student at a University going into my second year in September. Ever since I started playing League I really wanted to involve myself with the creativity around it, i.e. drawing fanart, speculating on lore or making theories.. and writing. After it was confirmed that Rakan had ADHD, I started asking more smaller questions about characters, like if Gnar could be understood by other Yordles. The thing is, I'm really into creative writing. I did a lot of it when I was younger (fanfics, yo, they get you places) and I've always been interested in writing more. Funnily enough, my current partner's mother is a famous author, and it's inspiring me even more to get back into the writing I once loved creating. But I was wondering - how exactly would I become a Narrative Writer at Riot, if I so wanted to? What steps are there in the process of applying / being hired, and what would be expected of me? Whilst I wanted to become a concept artist for the longest time, I would also like to use my writing skills at some point too!
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