Possible future skin bio groupings

More and more skins are being assimilated into new and interesting alternate universes There are still a lot of skins without bios and are not part of a shared universe but by looking which skins share common or similar themes it wouldn't be too hard to imagine that these skins could be part of the same universe. ENCHANTED FOREST Elderwood Bard Elderwood Hecarim Elderwood LeBlanc Death Blossom Elise Death Blossom Kha'Zix Blackthorn Morgana MEDIEVAL Executioner Mundo Little Knight Amumu Sir Kled Medieval Twitch Blacksmith Poppy FEUDAL JAPAN Sakura Karma Samurai Master Yi Koi Nami Warlord Shen Ninja rammus DEMON REALM Gatekeeper Galio Little Devil Teemo Demonblade Tryndamere Demon Vi Infernal Alistar Infernal Diana Infernal Mordekaiser Infernal Nasus WILD WEST Longhorn Alistar Sheriff Caitlyn Desperada Cassiopeia Bandito Fiddlesticks High Noon Jhin Cowgirl Miss Fortune Sonoran Kog'Maw Sandscourge Skarner High Noon Twisted Fate High Noon Yasuo DEEP SEA Atlantean Syndra Atlantean Fizz Deep Sea Nami Deep Sea Kog'Maw Deep One Kassadin Deep Terror Thresh Scuba Gragas Elemental lords Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol Thunder Lord Ornn Thunder Lord Volibear HOSPITAL Nurse Akali Kennen M. D. Surgeon Shen ARABIAN Djinn Malzahar Sultan Gangplank Sultan Tryndamere also there are a few skins I think can be added to existing universes guardian of the sands additions Sandstorm Ekko Sandstorm Katarina Sand Wraith Pyke prehistoric additions Tribal Ryze Sabretusk Sejuani Huntress Sivir
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