One of the champions that could do with a VgU that nobody seems to talk about

(VgU as in just smaller gameplay changes like Ez's :P ) Riven is one of League's more popular champions but nobody can deny that she's starting to show her age, be it in terms of gameplay, which relies mostly on "abusing" a bug, or on the visual side, she's really nudging closer to the point where she'll have to be updated. Which is great! She's a character with a ton of potential for growth, especially in terms of visuals and voice over. The world of Runeterra has changed dramatically since she was released unto the rift, and with Noxus and Ionia having gotten substantial visual and lore overhauls she seems to no longer reflect the spirit of those two nations. Her character archetype of the "Broken Hero", the Shellshocker trooper and the War veteran is a very interesting one that a lot of people could appreciate if she got more attention in form of updates to her look and gameplay. Like, I might be alone on this, but I'd really want to highlight her scars, both physically and mentally, that she suffered from during the Noxian Invasion. Singed's Chemtech attack must've left a lot of scars. Anyhow, just my two cents on Riven. Also, please, this is the Story and Art boards, try detaching any salt you might have from playing against her from the discussion.
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