Some questions about the Zilean lore

- Why is Aatrox a related champion now - Zilean removed a structure from the flow of time, so the people he saved but are indefinitely frozen. Or do they live like Zilean? Is the tower still visible in Runeterra? I'm a bit confused about this but I'm POSITIVE it's a thread that will be followed up in future Zilean lore. - Why exactly was Icathia so eager to rebel? From what I read, they were very prosperous under Shuriman rule, and I know the bio says the Shurimans were basically racists, but "Where Icathia Once Stood" framed the rebellion as a very violent and passion driven event, surely there is more to the story? Icathia seemed to be deeply peaceful and philosophical and diverse, why would they flip and go so violent? Void influence??? Thank you the updated for Zilean was amazing!!!!
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