I hope Ekko is a candidate for the Riot Games/Marvel comics.

Chronobreak was badass and established some pretty cool themes 1) Our decisions define us 2) Even with unlimited tries, we're bound to fail sometimes 3) Not every mistake can be fixed. Some have consequences that we just have to live with. It makes Ekko a very interesting character. He's someone who will try over and over and over again just to save his buddy, very superhero-esque. Defies impossible odds. Despite incredible power and talent and being a bit of a show-off, it shows that deep down he's got his own vulnerabilities and his own burdens. He's made big mistakes with big consequences. Flawed and a bit broken, but still good at heart and willing to accept his mistakes and learn from them. Lot of potential here, especially from a company known for its superheroes! I'm seeing a lot of parallels between Ekko and Spiderman, honestly.
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