Splash Art Unification does not mean that those splashes will not be further updated... Right?

I am reading feedback from multiple servers, multiple forums, etc... and people are really disturbed with the splash unification process happening. A lot of people are not satisfied, and think things should be left as they are until Riot could do a quality work on those arts... But I just wanted to genuinely ask about the purpose of the unification in general. I want some Clarity (trademark). As I understand it... it is the same thing that happened in 2014-15 splash art updates? They are placeholders until Riot will start working on splashes champ-by-champ? Or is it a permanent solution unless a complete VU is happening for a certain champ? My own opinion is pretty mixed, but it is more negative than positive. Most arts are really misshaped and are even worse than before (why do you want to kill Groovy Zilean for me?!! What's going on with shapes and looks on Janna, Kayle, Karma, Amumu, Corki, Evelynn, Caitlyn, SINFUL SUCCULENCE MORGANA OMFG), and a bit of them are awesome (like, new divine Soraka. Bandit Sivir, Hecarim, Vladimir, Lee Sin, Infernal Wu!, Akali, Irelia, Shyvana and Renegade Talon) Once again, I am asking about the purpose of this and not just crying to LET EVERYTHIGN BE AS IT IS OR I AM GONNA UNSUB NEVER BUY RP ADKASOPIDAPODIWDPOAIWDPOAWPDADIO... even though I really don't like some of those.
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