I'm just so frustrating with Riot's refusal to push past gender stereo types.

HEAR ME OUT. This is something I've been thinking about a lot. I LOVE League. A lot. I love the lore and I find the competitiveness so much fun. But it's just so jarring not having an array of great and engaging champion archetypes to have fun with. This isn't just about girl champions, but male champions too. They're so many tough guy and girly girl champions, yet between them lies Illaoi, Diana and ... Rakan? I want to see flamboyant, light, playful and colorful men, tough, brooding, dark and strong women (that aren't necessarily sexualised). A world as big as Runeterra and you would guess there would be an abundance of tropes and themes to explore, yet Riot is just pumping out the same old edgy dark males with the girly colorful females. Let me just say this: **There is nothing wrong with these kinds of champions**. There is just such a huge and ignored gap between these two types of champions. Something that bugged me a while ago was Qiyana actually. When she was teased as a new female AD assassin I was so fucking hyped. I was hoping for a brooding, dark and engaging female AD assassin, along the lines of some we already know: Talon, Pyke, Zed. And then we got... Qiyana. Qiyana is a really cool champion don't get me wrong but I just can't take her seriously. (I still love her) It's just that there was a bar that could have been met, but Riot just refusing to do something actually unique. I had a similar expectation with Neeko. Neeko was deemed a "colorful mage" in the teasers, and I was so excited!!! I though for sure, Riot wouldn't just pump out another typical flowery girl mage. Surely not. And yet... They did. (Again, I play Neeko too and love her). My problems don't lie with the champions, it lies with the absence of what could have been. Just one more word on this. I said before "unnecessarily sexualised". Let me just clarify that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH A SEXY CHAMPION. This attracts all kinds of audiences, and we all know League is well known for their sexualisation (whether good or bad). But a champion Like Zed or Talon for example, pretty absent of sexualisation. I really want that for a female champion. It would be incredibly nice to see. But yeah, I hope you guys can try to take this opinion and really consider my perspective! Hopefully we can agree on some things :)
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