You can now preorder the Lux Comic via Marvel

League Of Legends: Lux #1 (of 5) - Marvel Comics
FIRST IN A NEW SERIES THAT EXPLORES AND EXPANDS UPON THE FAN FAVORITE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS LORE! Demacia is a peaceful utopia where order reigns. Maintaining that order at any cost are the Mageseekers, who hunt down anyone utilizing forbidden magic.
So, you know also can preorder the comic via Marvel (haven't check the other website yet). The release date is set it is the **8 May**. Also, in contrast to Ashe: Warmother it seems NOT to be a Special Edition, which lowers the price. Edit: You also can preorder it via [Comixology ]( as well. Edit 2: It seems that the comic will be ALSO release as physical issue you can buy in your comic store on the **8 May**.

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