With Bilgewater wrapping up next...where do you think the lore team's headed next?

Poll included. So outside of returning to Freljord/Shurima, which I don't think we'll see for a while, curious as to what you guys think is next. Personally, I think Bandle City or Targon is next on the plate. Why? #Targon... * Has a very small champion population of {{champion:80}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:131}}, which means a lore event can be hyper focused even with introducing a new character. * Targon is very muddy when it comes to lore, giving the lore team ample room to work. * People love the Diana/Leona rivalry and I'm sure the lore team is itching to get back into it. #Bandle City... * Is very unknown in terms of characters and rife for inspection * Has a large cast of yordles that can be worked with, even if some are in other places ({{champion:74}} in Piltover, {{champion:78}} technically in Demacia, etc) * The lore event could coincide with {{champion:78}} rework and possibly a new yordle. * Could tie it to an invasion or other scientific problem. So what do you guys thing?
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