Are these champion X champion canon? Or still/was canon? Or meme?

1- {{champion:41}} x{{champion:420}} That's obvious enough. Even shows in the loading screen. 2- {{champion:59}} x{{champion:102}} Hmm...I don't remember how i got this concept... 3- {{champion:86}} x{{champion:55}} My favorite. Riot you should work on this one. The plot for this one would be extraordinary for the lore. 4- {{champion:81}} x{{champion:99}} I don't even know how or why. All i know it was canon. I think. 5- {{champion:141}} x{{champion:222}} I'm sure that's a meme. 6- {{champion:141}} x{{champion:142}} Meme for sure......Okay, whoever thought of this and made it a thing, needs a doctor. I saw some disturbing comic stuff about this...worst part was on Instagram (Tumblr is that way btw-------->). 7- {{champion:45}} x{{champion:117}} hmm....for a dark soul swallowing Yordle, even an evil little guy needs some love. 8- {{champion:23}} x{{champion:22}} All i know is they got married to stop the war. To be honest, if they got married from pure love, we wouldn't get Funny Time with Trynda! Anyone knows this? 9- {{champion:238}} x{{champion:134}} I'm not sure if that's canon or meme. But it's not bad. I think. 10- {{champion:64}} x{{champion:37}} Hmm...even as a meme, that's kind of adorable. 11- {{champion:157}} x{{champion:92}} I kind of like this one... 12- {{champion:107}} x{{champion:76}} Seen comics on Instagram. A combination of weird and adorable. You be the judge. 13- {{champion:68}} x{{champion:18}} Is it true Rumble named his machine after Tristana's name?!? I'm no romance genre type of guy, but for some reason, i love this since it's on League of Legends. Because i also follow the lores and stories, so wouldn't stuff like this boost the lores and make the stories even more touching and interesting? What's your opinion on all this?
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