Memorial for old Kayle (some pictures to remember her)

With the Kayle champion spotlight on youtube, it's clear we don't have much longer with our favourite armoured angel. I took some screenshots to remember her by once the rework hits live. Just a few pictures of Unmasked Kayle (it's basically the same) Let's not forget the old model had some issues, such as the tabard clipping into her foot and her tiny size to compensate for her large wings Here's all of the images in an album (maybe you want to compare to post rework) Despite these issues, old Kayle will always be, in my eyes, superior to the rework. Her colour palate of red-white-gold is easily recognizable and looks amazing. Her tabard looks majestic most of the time, despite the clipping, and her plume has a lot of attitude. Her wings contrast nicely against her armour. The places that lack armour are not emphasized or shown off. Her armour itself looks like it was constructed with being at least somewhat functional but not too restrictive. I played Kayle back in season 3 and loved the theme but wished for a better kit. When I came back in season 7 and saw her VU, I loved it but still wished for a better kit. Now that a better kit has arrived, I must say goodbye to the visual style that I loved about her. Goodbye old friend, your time has come.
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