Faey Should Be Okay

So there's a new story out, and you can find it here: https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/bow-and-kunai/ In the story, our protagonist Faey BIG SPOILER WARNING Loses one of her legs below the knee fighting an angry tree spirit. Which leads to this sad paragraph: "_What does it matter now?_ Faey’s lips were trembling. She knew everything was over. Mayym had made her assessment—that this protégé had been ruined. All the training, wasted. All her aspirations destroyed. She would never rise to become an acolyte, or be anything to the order but a burden." Putting aside the toxic idea of disabled people existing only as burdens for a moment, we see Mayym reassure Faey that she WILL find a way to let her walk again if she has to search all Ionia for it. But literally all she needs is a peg leg. Ionia's supposed to be all enlightened and stuff, no way are they so backwards about disability that all but one person will just _give up_ at something as easily addressed as limb loss. And it's not like it would upset the balance. The Kinkou _already used_ fallen wood earlier in the story to make mobile huts. Just take a sturdy stick and rig up a peg for the poor girl. Or ask the trees to grow her one. She might not be able to scamper up trees as well, but she could sure as heck handle walking. Faey could easily be a fantastic stationary volley archer even with reduced mobility. So if anyone in the Kinkou has more than two brain cells to rub together, which they've shown that they do, Faey's gonna be all right.
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