Addressing The Supposed "Very Non-Traditional" Marksman Leak

So many of you have probably seen this image by now[] and are probably wondering about it and would like to know more about it. So, today, that's exactly what we're going to be discussing. This image has, apparently, been popping up on PBE for the last 3-4 patches in place of other images, though I've personally not seen or heard anything about that. Regardless as to whether or not that's true though, it has appeared this patch, and we now have it available for viewing. This is an edited version, as the original was rather squashed and hard to look at. There is also the possibility that this artwork is still a work in progress. Now, looking at it, we can make a few observations and assumptions right off the bat. * Obviously female. * Appears to have a darker skin tone. * Clothing possibly has Shuriman influences, but could also be from Ixtal or Targon. * Glowing eyes and hair. * A weapon that appears to be a massive cannon that does not appear to match up with any known Runeterran technology(in my opinion). * A background that we can not see clearly, but does not match up with the setting presented in the original teaser. * A seemingly deformed right hand. * The images in the foreground appear to show her weapon, but 2 different versions of it. They also block her left hand, which could be holding something. However, we have to go back and look at her original teaser to really get an idea of what is going on here. The colors and setting don't appear to match up with the teaser in any capacity, and it looks to be entirely different. Based on this, we can make the assumption that **if this image is the new champion**, the image in question **is likely showing her release skin** and not her base skin. However, now we have the question of if this is her release skin, what skin line does it belong to? New champions lately have had their release skins tie into events, and this is obviously not a Star Guardian skin. It could be for Halloween, or the new music group skins, or a different event taking place between now and Christmas(because its obviously not a Christmas skin either). Or, it could be unlike the other release skins from this year and just be a standalone skin. I personally think its in the same universe as Nunu Bot, though. There is also still the question of who she is. People were quick to jump on the "ITS SENNA" train without really taking the time to look at the image and really think about what is being shown. I won't deny the possibility that its Senna, but we also have to consider and discuss the possibility that its not her as well. So, chill people. Hopefully this thread helps people understand the image a bit more. As always, feel free to discuss.
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