Animation updates for champions?

So I was taking a gander at Ahri's new star guardian skin and noticed that compared to her vanilla skin and well... all of her other skins its animations are MUCH smoother and just overall better looking. Her autoattacks... her spell animations... even her tail movement is a lot smoother. I read on champion visual update priority and noticed that a lot of champions like Ahri are up for visual updates just not in the near future. So I've been thinking... can champs like Ahri get some small quick animation updates? Obviously Ahri shouldn't have the anime girly animations like her SG skin but her animations are quite stiff especially if you pay close attention. And there are many champions such as her (example: akali,veigar,janna) that aren't that outdated looking but have quite stiff animations and even bad looking particle effects. I noticed Jax has gotten such an animation fix and it was quite nice... so I'm hoping this can be done for some other champions in the future?

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