Shadow Isles and Death, Why Morde's title feels wrong and More (Making everyone happy, kinda) Now that the initial outrage about Mordekaiser's title change has calmed down I'd like to seize this opportunity to try and spark a civilized discussion on why Morde's new title just feels so off and why/how Metal needs to be included in his character concept. I understand Riot's sentiment to change Mordekaiser's title, I really do, and I'd be fine with it if it wouldn't include him lose his afflicition to metal since I, amongst a lot of people, find it essential to the character but I'm digressing. Morde needs a new title to make him less of a walking joke in Riot's eyes but he has to be kept heavy and metal at all cost. So, let's jump right into why the new title of Lord of Death is a bad idea. **Death and the Shadow Isles** What do all Shadow Isle champions have in common? They're dead, undeath being their primary attribute but NOT their sole characteristic making them the characters we all know and love; **Hecarim, The Shadow of War** Hecarim is undead like the rest of the SI roster but like the rest he gives his own little spin to his affiliation with death; He is death brought by WAR, he tramples the living under his hooves, he's the herald of death on the battlefield. He's the militaristic aspect of death and this makes him unique, he could be named the Herald of Death but death being the primary attribute of any SI champion would make it seem bland and unimaginative. This is why he's the Shadow of War, the death brought by conflict! **Thresh, the Chain Warden** Thresh is dead, period! But he's way more wicked than any other shadow isle champion. He's sadistic torment, he revels in the slow, agonizing death and the torment of one's soul beyond the grave. He could be named the tormentor of the dead but he's the chain warden! He's a wicked version of a prison warden, he locks the living away only to break them apart bit by bit and adding their souls to his growing collection of prisoners to torment. **Karthus, the Deathsinger** Whereas Thresh is torment and damnation and Hecarim is death by war, Karthus' element is the reverence of death, accepting it, no embracing it even. He represents death as a new beginning, not an end. He may be the lord of death but he's far more. He's somewhat religious, praising undeath and spreading the word of it like gospel. He's the deathsinger, singing of the glory of death Hope you see the pattern here; Every other Shadow Isle champion is Dead but they all bring their unique spin to the concept of death/undeath as well as adding flavor with their own character and aesthetics, be it a chorus of singing souls, chains and sickles, spectral riders and cavalry. They're all Lords of Death but with their own little spectrum and with their own ways to spread death. Mordekaiser's new title doesn't reflect that. It's just bland. He may be dead but there are aspects of his being that are far more essential to him being undead than the simple fact that he refuses to die; **Mordekaiser is conquest, domination/submission of the very essence of life and the soul! ** His sheer will bends the fabric of life and death and not even death can save you from his dominion over your spirit! He's got power over death but it's not as simple as "Lord of Death", no. He has his own ways, which should be appropriately shown with a fitting title and not this bland one. **Mordekaiser's new lore and how Metal could be included** ''**All things must die... and yet I live on**.'' The baleful revenant Mordekaiser is among the most terrifying and hateful spirits haunting the Shadow Isles. He has existed for countless centuries, shielded from true death by necromantic sorcery and **the force of his own dark will.** Those who dare face Mordekaiser in battle risk a horrific curse: he enslaves his victims' souls to become instruments of destruction. This has so much potential! He's basically league's version of **Sauron**, who refuses to die even though his body already succumbed to the sands of time. His malice, his will to dominate, his undying force of resolve, his grim purpose, it keeps him alive, sustains him, it's his driving force. **This is where Metal could come in!** His Armor serves as a prison! They tried to lock him away in a state of pure agony and pain. But instead of succumbing to it HE BENDS IT TO HIS WILL. His sheer determination and resolve makes him overcome the confinements of his metal shell as he harnesses its power for his own gain. The cruel irony of it! Only with his dark will he managed to use the power that should keep him at bay against his enemies, harvesting the pain it inflicts unto him as his well of power, using its metal as an extension of his force of will. -> Metal wasn't his primary attribute but due to him being a prisoner in an iron maiden-like armor, tormenting his very essence, he managed to overcome its restrictive and tormenting dominion over his soul to bend it to serve him! Truly a testament of how much grim resolve he harbors, how powerful his spirit must be in order to turn the subject of his own suffering against those who oppose him. True conquest! His power over metal having been a failed attempt to cage his malicious essence only for it to serve as "The One ring". A vessel for his power which he uses in order to maifest his dark dominion over death and in a lesser extent Metal! I see that Riot thought Metal would be a limiting factor as it truly inhibits Morde from being something else than a walking, talking Metal reference. They have to think outside the box! We all love Morde, The Master of Metal, but Riot has other plans for him, his lore building up to this malefic force of darkness, a true Murder Emperor. Metal has to be included in some way, even if not prominently. This was shown by the outrage over his title change but it mustn't become his sole attribute. Morde has always been defined by his passive and ultimate, Metal and Undeath, Dominion over the cold, inhuman metal and the curses of the unliving. Metal is important to him like DEMACIAAA's essential to Garen. Yet it shouldn't be the only focus of his lore. Even Garen's redeeming character traits are loyalty and bravery so why can't Morde be the master of Metal BUT MORE? You can get a title that reflects both his imposing metallic stature and his mastery over undeath, a true Iron Revenant. I hope Riot finally comes to realize that Metal as an iconic element to Morde could be used to differentiate him from his undead homies, to spice up his appeal, to please those who love him as a Metalhead, to even further stress the importance of his unyielding will to dominate and conquer and to truly make Mordekaiser be the pinnacle of both Riot's and the Community's visions coming together to form the perfect champion background and appeal. Thank you for reading, Malicious Metal out!
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