Something I Noticed About the New Omega Squad Splash Arts

So the idea behind Omega Squad {{champion:17}} is that his squad perished and he had a mental breakdown, making him a killing machine. So why would we have Omega Squad skins for {{champion:45}}, {{champion:18}}, {{champion:29}}, {{champion:105}}? Aren't they supposed to be dead? (And why are Twitch and Fizz in a yordle-only squad?) Well, take a close look at the splashes if you haven't noticed something before: All these splashes have Teemo (pre-mental breakdown) in them. People have probably figured out that the champions in the Omega Squad skinline (excluding Teemo) are already dead. But this little easter egg shines a bit more light on the lore of Omega Squad. For those having trouble finding Teemo in the splash arts: {{champion:105}}: Teemo is riding the shark/dolphin/etc. in a scuba suit on the right of the splash. {{champion:29}}: Teemo is swinging on a rope in the top-right of the splash in the background. {{champion:18}}: Teemo is cowering under his helmet in the bottom-left of the splash. (Look under the tip of Tristana's cannon) {{champion:45}}: Teemo is in the bottom-right of the splash. (Look near the end of Veigar's weapon and the knife nearby)

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