What stories/comics would you like to read/see?

This has been on my mind for a while now but I'm curious to what people want to read in future stories and/or comics Riot releases. They're doing a pretty great job with their world building. Characters...are a bit of hit or miss, depending on the character but overall it's still a huge improvement. Hell, the story and world-building are almost why I'm still around at this point. But, again, I'm curious to know what people would like to see from Riot in terms of stories/comics and who should be in them/ what they should be about. To me, it's a fairly small but neat list: * A story on Shyvana: She's a hybrid made by magic that's living among a magic hating community. Not to mention that she's probably the strangest being the people would see around their parts. It's a great set up to see her everyday life in Demacia, see how people react to her, how she interacts with them, see what her struggles of going through this life are. She's one of my favorite champs all around and I'd like to see more to her. * A explanation of the Darkin: We know some things about them at this point, but not a whole lot. There's still some things we don't fully know, like how many are out there from their own world or what were the Darkin Wars. There's a lot of potential to this. * A Freljord Battle: I'd love to read about this! It sucks that there's not much about the Freljord, so this could be an interesting thing to write about. We get to see more interations between these warring factions, these "sisters" so to speak, and could even advance some of the story or share some more story. _cough Ashe killing her mother maybe cough_ * History of the World: This I'm actually really interested to know. The whole world of League has been updated but there really isn't that much to bring mythology or actual history to the world. We know there was a rune war but we don't know that much about it, like any historical figures. We don't know that much beyond that or even any mythologies from each faction to how the world started or their beliefs. Idk, this would just flesh out the world so much more and be more exciting to read about all the other places. * Shadow Isles Origins: OK we know how this went down but we don't have any depictions of what the Isles were like before they were corrupted. We don't have an image of the Ruined King, Hecarim before going War Spirit, or even Kalista fully as a Spirit of Vengeance. Similar to world building, this could be something really fun to read a comic about, see what these characters say to one another than just read about it in their bio's.
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