Reasons why I think Dr. Mundo deserves the 2020 VGU spot the most

While every champion in the poll has solid reasons to be there, I think Dr. Mundo is in most dire need of this update and I want to explain here why I think so. []( - **The Visuals** Mundo has probably the worst model of every champion in league of legends now, we shouldn't allow something that looks like this to haunt the rift any longer. - **The Splash Art** I mean, come on.... Even every other champion on the poll has a _way_ better splash art than Dr. Mundo. Just look at it: It still even shows the **old, retconned version of Zaun** for crying out loud! Meanwhile the other champions on the poll have awesome splasharts like - **Thematical Potential** Of course, opinions vary here. For me, the gruesome yet hilarious serial killer is more appealing thematically for me than a half dragon or any of the other archetypes represented in the poll. Additionally, Zaun and Piltover are my favourite regions, so because of bias I will obviously prefer a thematic coming from Zaun. - **Gameplay Improvements** From all the champions in the vote, I think Dr. Mundo actually needs the most work when it comes to his kit. Except for his iconic cleavers, his entire kit _is basically built around several different stat steroids_. His passive is literally just advanced health regen. His W is a glorified sunfire cape with tenacity bonus. His E an auto reset, with _double stat steroid_ (AD and MR). Finally his ult, which is also basically an extreme health regen steroid. No kit should have so many passive effects, he needs actual mechanics to work with. - **Skin Potential** I know, some people didn't like it, but I loved that they changed Crimson Akali from a red chroma to an Infernal skin. Dr. Mundo has the same potential with his Toxic Dr. Mundo skin, I hope that this gets reimagined as a Chemtech skin. - **Lore Isolation** From all the champions in the vote, Fiddlesticks and Dr. Mundo are the most isolated when it comes to lore. Shyvana is well bound in into the lore with her relationship with Jarvan IV and the whole story about xenophobia in Demacia. Nocturne is part of a demon race and has ties to Demacia as well with his short story. Volibear is now a Freljordian demigod with well defined relationship to his brother Ornn. Just Fiddlesticks has no ties whatsoever with any champion, we got a short story with random people instead. But we know his background (he got murdered and resurrected as a cursed scarecrow). Dr. Mundo has met Ekko in the lore, but that's it. We don't know what he is, where he came from, almost nothing except he got researched by some scientists which messed up his understanding of medicine. I think Dr. Mundo has great potential to get tied with another champion, Evelynn. I made an own thread about it: [Dr. Mundo: Should he embrace the agony?]( - **Lighthearted/Serious quota** The next VGU we get is Mordekaiser, then Pantheon. Both champions are pretty serious in their thematic and Riot stated that they want to avoid always going in one direction, they want to mix in some lighthearted designs here and there. From all the champions in the vote, Dr. Mundo with his silly nature is the most "lighthearted" champion in the poll. I would even say the **only** lighthearted choice.... every other one on that list is god damn edgy. ______________________ Please, guys, [vote for the doctor in this poll]( We have waited for his update way too long already, don't give Riot another reason to postpone it.
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