Who would you consider to be a "main villain" in the current champion roster?

So I had this thread on the old forums and I thought I would revive the discussion here: Is there a champion you would consider to be the "main villain" in the LoL lore? I gave a few choices in the poll. Swain is a contender merely because of his ambition and his seemingly ruthless quest for power. Malzahar, being the prophet of the void, is also definitely a candidate. I also put Mordekaiser in there because the old lore implied he might be the one in charge of whatever dark forces reign over the shadow isles. I also put Veigar there because he is evil, stop laughing! As a demon bent on spreading war, Aatrox also qualifies. Finally, last time I made this thread, a lot of people seemed to think Leblanc was the one pulling Swain's strings so I put her on there. So, who do you think it is?
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