I grow increasingly worried that potentially great Du Couteau's and Noxus lore/story will be wasted

As the year is ending, Riot's promise of further expanding (how fitting) the Noxus' lore remains unfulfilled, not counting Vladimir's short story which barely expanded on the country as a whole. Riven stopped being a Noxian champion ages ago and even Riot's higher ups stopped considering Cassio as a Noxian, calling her Shuriman instead. As all of this goes on, Du Couteau's family lore remains in the sad little limbo of nothingness. We still don't know anything about their whereabouts after Swain took over, we have no idea where Marcus is and even the "chained champion teaser", which showed a lot of promise will most likely result in a random monster champion unrelated to anything Noxus (as seen on the "It lives" quotes on pbe). Swain's revolution arc, as he took over the throne has so much unused potential it's almost saddening. The amount of possible theories, conspiracies, stories of each participant in the whole thing is probably larger than in any other part of the Lore. Since it's update, Noxus and anything related to it was (and still for the most part is) widely considered single grandest lore piece in all of League of Legends. And yet i feel like Riot never fully committed to further expanding that story, disregarding all of it's great potential. I know that telling stories of other places on Runeterra is just as important, don't get me wrong. I just have this lingering in the back of my mind fear that whatever they ultimately decide upon will be just a glimpse of greater possibilities Noxus story provides. Only thing left for people like me if to just wait, and grow more and more worried. I'm frankly kinda spooked.
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