Who are the fireborn?

https://youtu.be/h6OZb4z5FKs?t=244 As some may know, Ashe will recieve a VO Update, within this update she talks more about her lore and her people. We hear her talk about the Heartbound from her comic, the Iceborn like her, her mother and her bloodsister, Spiritwalkers like Udyr but one stood out to me. While I expected the last faction to the frostpriest, Ashe instead mentions the Fireborn when going through her list of her Kin within the Freljord. So my question now is who are the Fireborn and what earns them their title as from what I know thus far I haven't seen them in the lore yet? Are they possibly related to Brand who used to be a Freljordians? And does that possibly link Pyromancy and champions such as Annie back to the Freljord as it's roots of origin? I'm curious what will come from this so let me know what your theories are.
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