Thoughts of Skins: Ahri

I'm a day late but whatever. At least this is getting out. Ahri: the mystical fox girl that every guy, girl and whatever else in between sees as a goddess of pure beauty (that and porn material). But I like to refer her by another name: Overrated (I'm expecting at least 10 downvotes for that comment). OK, look. Ahri for the most part I can't deny is pretty/beautiful, it's supposed to be part of her character. But at the same time, that's it. There wasn't that much going for her for me to really make me be more interested. But that's just me. OK? Moving on. Also, starting with this one: I'll be adding a quick re-listing of skins (not counting Esports) to make sure we don't get repeats of skins champs may already have: * Dynasty - Chinese skin * Midnight - Winter type skin * Firefox - Fire skin * Popstar - name implies * Academy - School girl * Arcade - Video games * Star Guardian - name implies * K/DA - better Popstar (has also become tiresome to see everywhere) Alright, here's the list that I could come up with: * Pool Party - Let's be honest, this is a skin that would sell immediately well and something that players have been asking for a while now. It also just makes sense as to how Ahri is suppose to be with most of her skins. Fun idea that I'm kind of surprised Riot didn't make this year...or PP at all this year. * Soul Stealer - A previously created artwork that I saw a while back and kind of had promise. Kind of a nice alternative skin for Halloween/Harrowing as opposed to something more sexual like Kitty Katarina. Would also be a bit of a "what if" skin if Ahri just really wanted to collect more souls. * Bewitching - Basically the other skin option like Kitty Katarina because "Ahri sexy" sells. You kind have ideas on how it will look based on Trist, Morg, Nid, and Janna. * Devil/Demon/Succubus - If there was one skin I would probably buy on launch, it could be this one. Let's be honest, Riot originally made Ahri as a succubus. With the editions of the devil skins, why not just make a skin for one of the more sexualized champs in the game that would perfectly fit and be a bit of a throwback to her original lore? * Lunar/Warring Kingdoms - Probably could get too close Dynasty but if K/DA can be extremely close to Popstar, then I say no holds bar. Besides, we got like, what, 3-4 skin lines that are Chinese-theme related? It's bound to happen eventually so why not? * Shuriman - I don't know, I'm running out of ideas. And that concludes my list. What ideas from the list do you think could work? What are some of your ideas? Discuss them down below and for next week we'll be look at Mordekaiser, because I really want to talk about Mord.
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