Heartseeker Quinn Feedback Thread

So, before anything else, I just want to say thank you, Riot, for giving our Quinn and Valor a lovely new skin (pun not intended). <3 Moving onto the feedback... **1. My first point of criticism with the new skin is that Valor is based off a [dove](http://hdwallpapershdpics.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/beautiful-dove-birds.jpg) but looks a lot more like a [cockatoo](https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/2d/18/ba/2d18baa21182d440d8f9c3e5d1e6e076.jpg)** right now in terms of head and body shape: http://i.imgur.com/ry6Jve6.jpg" I know Valor&#039;s default model is quite long and narrow since he&#039;s an eagle, which can make remodeling him into a round bird like a dove quite difficult. However, maybe if you guys used Woad Scout Valor&#039;s model as a reference for the new Heartseeker Valor, it could help achieve that plump-bodied dove appearance? http://imgur.com/eAjZxk4 Woad Scout Valor has a much more round and compact model as shown above, which I think would suit Heartseeker Valor better. **2. In every one of Quinn's skins, Valor has a set of armor to match Quinn's.** It's their running theme, kind of like Ahri has whiskers in every one of her skins regardless of thematic. Unfortunately Valor seems to be missing matching armor in this skin -- maybe a Valentine-themed carrier bag or scarf/ribbon of some kind would be suitable? :D **3. Quinn's particle effects need some polish**, namely: - Her auto attack particles, which just use a recolored version of her base skin's AAs instead of using the heart-tipped arrows shown on her crossbow's model - Vault, whose particles have [black and white lines](http://i.imgur.com/4cjoax5.jpg) that don't seem to fit the skin - Skystrike, which also uses a recolored version of Quinn's base AAs instead of the heart-tipped arrows shown on her model **4. Quinn's weapon looks like a child's toy.** [Heartseeker Varus](http://img12.deviantart.net/e6b8/i/2015/058/4/f/heartseeker_varus_by_dimidevos-d8jq4qu.jpg)'s weapon, for example, looks far more functional and sophisticated than Quinn's weapon, which looks like it's made of plastic due to the light yellow and pink colors used for its texture as well as the quality of the crossbow's model. **5. Valor uses his [default squawk sound effects for /joke](https://youtu.be/ieqpaXrxG5M?t=19s) instead of using his new dove calls.** Probably needs new sounds or he could also use the ones from Quinn's W. That&#039;s all the feedback I have for now, feel free to use this thread for any other comments on Heartseeker Quinn. ___ **TL;DR of all player feedback received thus far:** - Quinn and Valor look too bare, as if their models are unfinished. Giving them additional armor (i.e. a shoulder guard or perhaps a scarf) would make the two look like a more complete and cohesive pair. Heck, even extending the white wings on Quinn's back so that they become a cape could possibly do the trick. - The skin is too bright pink all around, making it look a lot more like a Star Guardian skin than Heartseeker. Deepening the pink or perhaps replacing it with red and gold in some areas would give the skin more color diversity. Maybe even adding some brown like [Heartseeker Varus](http://img12.deviantart.net/e6b8/i/2015/058/4/f/heartseeker_varus_by_dimidevos-d8jq4qu.jpg)?! - Quinn's idle animation does not suit her new Heartseeker visuals. Perhaps a more upright or elegant idle stance would do the trick (which would definitely justify a price raise). - Valor looks too much like a cockatoo even though he's supposed to be a dove. - Quinn's basic attack and Skystrike arrows do not match the heart-tipped arrows shown on her crossbow or quiver. ___ **UPDATE:** Riot's been listening, and [changes are coming](https://twitter.com/KateyAnthony/status/806588192677720064)! :D Thanks to everyone who helped pitch in and gave constructive feedback! ___ **EDIT:** Now that the final touches are being made to Heartseeker Quinn, I just wanted to give a big thanks to everyone here for pitching in their feedback along with me, especially those who remained polite and objective the whole way through. Quinn is definitely an underrated Champ, but I'm happy to see she's got such a dedicated and passionate fanbase at her back. Also many thanks to Riot KateyKhaos and her team for patiently listening to us and taking action in response to our feedback. It's been a pleasure taking part in this with all of you guys ^_^
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