Riot, Can I just ask for one thing. Could you include less cliffhangers in the lore?

That Jinx and Vi cliff hanger killed me. Especially with a Zaun update and you have two iconic characters from there with there story still a mystery prolonged. Not even just about them, this is a universal problem throughout the new lore. I understand you want somethin to come back to, but you shouldn't keep milking story plots. I've found my self growing less and less eager about lore simply because i know the next place wont bring _much_ closure about things fans wanted to see the most. I pray for the Ionian update telling about about Yasuo's killer so people can stop speculating Riven's the killer. Thing's like these must have some completion, doesn't even have to have a finale. Just knowing who killed Yasuo's master or how Jinx knows VI is more than enough. You still have time to make a rising point and climax to these stories. Please consider what's I am saying.
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