Are Prestige edition skins becoming overglorified/overpriced gold chromas?

Yeah, a lot of people have posted about this but I might as well too since this is mainly what I do on the boards most of the time. With the reveal of the latest skins hitting the PBE, we get our next batch of skins: BM Sivir, Pyke, and Aatrox. However, Aatrox will also be getting a prestige edition of his BM skin. This, however, just leaves me repeatedly asking "why?" When Riot first announced Prestige Kai'Sa, I'd figure this was going to be a new direction they would take to try and get more money every now and again. So, after the worlds event to get the skin (and going through a good chunk of my credit card), they then come out with Prestige Akali. This I feel is mainly due to how Akali became so fucking popular in the K/DA event, because let's be honest Kai'Sa is pretty bland in terms of base story, as well as the video and IMO appearance. Makes sense that Riot wants to cater to popular champs (how do you explain Pyke getting his next skin already?) For this, again, I was kind of OK with, since I could see the differences between both of these skin for both champs. Little unnerving that they're being released so close to one another but I guess Riot wants to keep on the K/DA popularity. ...AND THEN COMES AATROX! I mean, he gets a new skin and it's decent for the most part ( I know I'll get it) but to release another fucking Prestige version of it along side is ridiculous! I thought Prestige skins were suppose to be rare and special, coming out every now and again? Kai'Sa and Akali I can tolerate but adding in Aatrox is too much. It doesn't even look like a lot is changed from his base appearance, outside of his hand in the splash art from what I can guess. Really? This isn't prestige, this is an overglorified gold chroma for him. I don't even think it looks that good if that was the case! And that's not even going into how you obtain these skins. Kai'Sa was ridiculous to get, Akali I think is a bit easier but still and I can only imagine how you get Aatrox. It's dumb. To briefly recap: * Prestige skins are coming out way too close to one another, making them feel less special * Latest look at Prestige BM Aatrox feels like it's an overglorified gold chroma * Ways to obtain these skins in such a short time frame, if done like Kai'Sa, can basically boil down to a cash grab I'm honestly disappointed that Riot is doing this. Actually, no I'm not because I've already been disappointed in them for a long time. I'm pissed at them right now. Nothing about Aatrox feels that special or unique as Akali or Kai'Sa, it's just a gold chroma, and the fact that this is the 3rd Prestige skin we're getting in the span of, what 4 months (?), makes them less special and unique to get. Some serious overhauling needs to happen to Aatrox's skin if it wants to meet the standard of these prestige conditions, Either that or scrap it (unlikely) and then they need to hold off on Prestige skins for a while.
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