PROJECT Pyke is very, very disappointing

For a 1820 RP, this skin does not have anything outstanding. There are more than a few of these thread already, but an extra one to show why riot needs to go back and work on the skin a lot more. Here is a whiny list: - He reuses base animation - Bad color scheme. Need to be darker with brighter/more distinguishable holographic particle - New model for the machete. Maybe something else entirely. - Add more impact to the E. It just doesn't have the 'bonk' feel like other skins - The tattered cape has S2 stiffness. - Wait his auto attack animation is actually reused. What a joke Honestly the only saving grace this skin currently has is the ulting animation which is wicked cool and terrify sounding and the dance animation. Gonna need a full song with that sick riff.
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