Some time ago, people were complaining about Kai'Sa being unnecessarily sexualized.

Unnecessarily sexualized? I think not. She's been sexualized for a very necessary reason: to sell sexy waifu skins. Apparently Riot decided they make the most money with this kind of skins. Prove them wrong. Don't buy these skins. Show them you buy skins because they're cool or interesting or fitting, not because you can fap to them. Sidenote about how hypocritical Riot was to say "ooooopps we didn't realize we had made her sexy! It really wasn't our intention!". I like sexy skins when they make sense. Evelynn is cool. But I don't like this. Vote with your wallet....... or maybe you just did, and in that case, don't whine when we get the next unnecessarily objectified waifu champion.
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