Kayle and Morg are fragments of the aspect of justice

Think about kayle. She seems really harsh, and she is, but she also makes sense. She doesn't hold bias against anyone, and she deals death to kings and commoners alike. Then theres morg. Shes more down to earth, and more mortal "friendly". Shes a harsh teacher, but she forgives. while Kayle's side of justice is more fleshed out to be extreme, both are on opposite sides of the justice spectrum. Both are equally correct in terms of justice. ...Which makes you think. How amazing do you think the original aspect of justice was? You know, their mom? Who died and dropped her twin swords? An aspect of justice who has the sternness of kayle, but the compassion of morgana. The original aspect of justice, who upheld both sides of justice? I really would like to see the mom and her personality.
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