New support teaser we missed?

Did we missed new support teaser? In the new [Cats vs Dog skins splash]( there are cats that can be the teaser for new support. Almost every "cat" is from some skinline, but 3 can not be identified by me, so they could be teasers. Also, teaser in the cat event would not be surprising, cause we know that new support will be connected to cats in some way. In the roadmap video > Reav3 said "purr-fect opportuntiy". I think he hinted that the new champion will be somewhat furry or cat Now to the 3 new cats: 1. At the upper corner of the Cat's side we see some cat familiar. And that's exactly the thing we expect from our new support, aren't we? Now, that cat could be read as Aery, but I think it's too dark for Aery. And I don't remember any skin that have cat like that. 2. Cat in a green witch hat near Nidalee. It almost all covered up by end of Yorick's shovel. But we see outlines. I also don't remember which skinline that cat is from, so it could be teaser for new champ. Also the green **witch** hat. We know that new support will have witch-y aesthetics. 3. Between Katarina and yellow Yorick's Cathoul there are cat with the bow tie. I also can not identify what skin line that cat is from. What do you think? Is it teaser at all? Do theese cats matter? Sorry for my english, as usual.
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