Ashe: Warmother Comic Nr. 4 (final) Feedback and Character Discussion; SPOILERS

####**_~~Intro~~_** I'm a little sad, the final issue of the Ashe Comic is here and before I share my more in depth opinion I must say that this comic has been incredibly amazing, so well written, it featured some amazing art and it's sad to see it come to an end! But I am hopeful that we will get more amazing comics from the freljord, I cannot wait to discover Sejuani in another comic and especially my dear Lissandra in her own comic or novel. Odin has done a tremendous job and everyone loved it :) I bought the premium version on comicology and I found them to be very helpful as they offered insight into some thoughts that the writer,editor and illustrator had when making this masterpiece. As always I hope that Odin or any other Rioter joins us in this discussion. I have very important Questions at the end, so I hope we can all discuss that with Odin.[] #**_~~Discussion~~_** _*~~Ashe~~*_ Throughout this whole story we can see why Ashe is the way she is in the present time and especially with the last issue, we got to see why Ashe's relationship with Sejuani is so hostile. The last issue also showed us how Ashe made the Avarosan the largest tribe in the freljord, not by conquering other tribes but rather offering them protection and food in times of great need. With the Ebrataal Tribe renamed, the Avarosan Tribe started to form again after being nearly wiped out. There has been great change since the beginning of the comic up until this last one, Ashe has gone from a weak girl, that refuses to live up to her mothers dreams and visions for her, to a true iceborn and a warmother that sees how in some cases Grena was right to demand that her daughter toughen up and strengthen. In this last issue Ashe has been more passive because her storyline and present life has actually been explained by Sejuanis actions. This was a good twist to show how Ashe is not in complete control of her life whatsoever and that the freljord and some events will shape her life without her permission. At the end Ashe and Sejuani took an oath to become sisters, battlesisters as they swore to protect each other and never to harm one another. This is quite interesting as present them are not very friendly. - Her character in present time has been perfectly explained by this comic, fantastic _***~~Kalkia~~***_ The mother of Sejuani, she is a tough cookie to say the least. Im glad we got to see her and get to know more of her. Kalkia left the Winter's Claw probably for Udyr and now she returned but Sejuani despised her for leaving the tribe. I would assume that Kalkia knows deep within that what she has done is was wrong and that no matter what she shouldn't have abandoned the tribe for another man, it's foolish. While Kalkia was away her mother Hejian took over as warmother but when Kalkia returned and probably killed her Hejian, that's also why we see Sejuani praying in front of her grandmothers armor. Kalkia managed to somewhat sustain the tribe but only with the help of the frost priests that are very present in the tribe. She listens to them and accepts them as her people because she knows she can't let the Winter's Claw die out. The frost priests heal the people there, we even got a glimpse of a frost priest promising to heal a child with fever but only if the mothers faith is the faith of The Three Sisters. Kalkia was also mostly drunk in this issue so she was very harsh and very cold toward Sejuani and that is why Sejuani found a new mother figure in Grena. - Not the most skilled warmother and definitely a bad mother **_*~~Sejuani~~*_** Sejuani is displayed as a tough Iceborn, more tough and far more resilient than Ashe is. She is much more in tune with what the freljord demands from a warrior. Her conversation with Ashe is always about encouraging Ashe to become strong and passionate, she is almost continuing where Grena left. The tough talk that Grena can't give Ashe anymore, Sejuani now continues almost. They both have a hard time when back in the Winter's Claw but Sejuani is stepping up to her mother and making sure that her voice is heard. She already clashed with the frost priests and undermined their influence twice. Their favorability in her eyes is almost non- existent. The spotlight was definitely on Seju in this last issue, which again is understandable as Ashe was her guest. Toward the end she wanted to kill a tribe Kalkia swore an oath not to harm, because that tribe shared hunting grounds with the Winter's Claw and so they shared the little food they had available. This shows that Sejuani is willing to go to extremes just to make sure she and her own have enough to survive, even if it means breaking a sacred oath. Speaking of oaths she gave Ashe an oath never to battle her but in present time all she feels toward Ashe is hate and she wishes to end her life. We will see how this works out and if Ashe and Sej will battle each other one day as they swore an oath not to but now we know that Sej is willing to break any oath. I now understand how Sejuani will become the fury of the freljord. - She carries a lot of anger toward her mother and that influences her greatly _**~~Frost Priests~~**_ I loved them. This issue more than any other showed how frost priests work and what exactly they do in a tribe. The main frost priest in Ashe's tribe was Maalcrom but in this tribe it's Valknu accompanied with some other priests. They offer guidance to the warmother, especially Kalkia, they also heal the sick ones so with that they most certainly keep the mortality rate for infants and others lower than in tribes that don't have frost priests. Foolish Sejuani banished them in present time, I have no doubt that the mortality rate of children is high in current Winter's Claw. I thought Valknu would cause a bigger scene to be honest. Ashe got away so no doubt that the frost father who is overseeing them from the frostguard isn't cheerful about this. Now this is important, Valknu knew that Maalcrom was in love with Ashe, so it was no secret to anyone not even the masters who told Maalcrom to kill Ashe. It says that Valknu ,,touched conciousnesses" with Maalcrom, again implying some sort of mind- walking. I'd love to know more about that ability. - They play their games and schemes, not always successfully but they do their job by observing the tribes ##**_~~Questions~~_** 1. Any update on ,,Oathfather"? 2. Vedmahs were mentioned before, are they a part of every tribe? Are they Iceborn or Warmblood? 3. Will we ever find out how Kalkia died? 4. Is the Citadel sacred to every tribe regardless of faith? 5. How come Sejuanis hair isn't white yet? Is a huge amount of True Ice necessary for the hair to turn white? 6. The Dark Ice the frost priests wield, is that only a result of the watchers corruption or also Lissandras(as a corruptor of nature)? 7. Could Valknu also heal a broken arm instantly or just fever? 8. Is the frost priests mind reading ability(?) in any way connected to Lissandras dream- walking? 9. If True Ice amplifies ones abilitiy, would Sejuani have shot stronger arrows if she was to wield it as a stronger Iceborn(theoretically)? 10. Was Hejian killed in combat by Kalkia just how Sejuani would provoke Kalkia into a combat? 11. Will Urkath be an Oathsworn to Sejuani? Thank you for helping with these and thank you for giving us an amazing comic Odin!!! We appreciate it!
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