Daily Reminder of Champs without skins

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It has been over 4 years since these champs have had skins Some of them being prominently played in competitive and high ranked queues so imma give yall my guesstamates on why each of these haven't had skins or skin ideas if i have them Udyr: Rumors of a VU or a VGU has been heard of but nothing confirmed or denied, still no reason to be the longest for 1494 days ( 4 Years, 1 Month) Skarner: Hasn't been very great and might get another VGU or something as such, Stuck in purgatory Xerath: Waiting for another shurima lore drop?? Zilean: Not alot of themes truely fit the old man, maybe its time for a mecha zilean skin? Shaco: Was rumors of an GU but still nothing, Or even a VGU anything. Cant make a Shaco Shaco Joke skin for halloween? Mordekaiser: Getting a VGU Rek'Sai: Think the ball has been dropped in terms of what they could do with them Kassadin: After the VU and Cosmic Dropped, Kinda fell silent and with a wimper as kassadin fell out of relevancy. Vel'Koz: Another sin of the Dropped the ball in ideas bucket Sion: After the Mecha Sion Skin, There wasn't much really needed, we got chromas but chromas aren't new skins. Just recolors. Nocturne: Has relatively cheap skins 2 of which are locked in halloween, 1 skin is the legendary skin of Eternum, which in itself hasn't been given much love. Shyvana: Needs a VU, Cant make a Dungeons and dragons based skin for her? Kindred: Another ball for the idealess department Volibear: Could do great with a Ornn Vs Aniva Vs Volibear idea, or even a wild idea from the Udyr Story https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/silence-for-the-damned/ Taric: Could go great with the cosmic line, instead of gems, stars! (2 Years, 9 Months, 2 Weeks and 6 Days) While this is a great game and I love it to death, You need to give the champions who dont get spotlight love so they can get some light. there are so a handful champs that have recieved 2-3 and even 4 skins in the past 2 years, There are some that get the occasional extra skin spotlight with being tossed into a series. Please Riot, Give us a response on why these champs haven't been given any love. Love, A Concerned Player Azuria (Donnıng The Mask) PS. If this isnt in the correct catagory then please move it to how you see it fit
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