Exhortation to vote for the ONE TRUE GOD.

Choose a Champion Update for 2020!
A visual & gameplay update is where we redesign a champion from the ground up, including their gameplay, visuals, story, animations, voice acting... the works. It's an opportunity for us to bring older champions up to modern standards while amplifying what players already love about them.
I long for my dearest CTHULHU BEAR. Please grant me my coveted eldritch beast. Do not deny me my acceptance to the place where I belong: beside THE VOLIBEAR. _God in spirit and god in flesh._ _I want Its self-numbing imposing presence to dull my senses, and fade my conscience!_ _Gathered in circle with my sweet kind, I will forever chant in adoration with the voice of my new, wilder form. Made anew in ITS image!_ _Relentless, I vow to prowl prey and hunt and offer an endless shower of guts and gore and blood to my Lord. May It accept my gifts. May Its fur never dry._ _I will aimlessly wander the frozen wasteland of the distant north and run in the neverending thunderous tempest. Lost in the never changing vistas of black clouds above and white snow below, my eyes won't see far in the blizzard, and cold will never leave my blood, for I am part of Its Eternity, testament to Its Glory, avatar of Its Might._ _My God walks with me._ **TL;DR: Vote for Volibear champion update. It is the only real choice. I remind you that there are fates far worse than death. No personal opinion is allowed when he's around... only the will of the bear spirit.**
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