The people asking for “ugly” female characters are getting old

Ever since Kai’sa released there’s been a rise in people asking riot to make female characters that are somewhat no appealing to the eye. The whole idea is that league need more diverse character instead of another good looking guy or girl. But I fail to see how they expect riot to go through with the request given how we treat characters like Illaio. She has a play rate or around 1.85% while Lux has a play rate of 4.44%. Why would riot even bother making a somewhat “ugly” Champ if you guys don’t even plan on playing her. Remember riot is a company and makes money off of skins. Why make a champ that no one will play of but skins for? If you’re gonna ask for a champion to add diversity at least play and buy the skins. This is the exact same problem with people complaining about unnecessary petitions for characters who have different sexual orientations cause we need “diversity” that majority of the boards also agree is stupid. If you want more ugly character than buy the skins of characters like illaio of Grages.
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