Pantheon biography is still terrible writing - ROUND 2.

**I could not live with my own failure to convince you guys, where did that bring me? Back to you.** --------------------------------------------- The Pantheon biography leaves me with a lot to be desired. Not only is it inconsistent writing but it inaccurately portrayals other characters and trivialises their strengths, motivations and personalities. I'll start from the beginning... --------------------------------------- Atreus starts off as your typical shounen MC, he ticks all the right boxes. His story is "about growing up, making friends, overcoming rivals, getting acknowledged for winning, being determined enough to work through your failings, and generally being a good person." (Source: To elaborate, he's one of the protagonists who's never really the best of his bunch but his willpower and determination to pick himself up after repeated failure earns him admiration from his peers. In this case, it's his rival Pylas. In training, the two become accustomed to one another and after many battles in the training circle, they become sworn brothers. (So far the story is fine). In an unspecified amount of time (random time skip), the two find themselves in an ambush that leaves the rest of their patrol dead. Unsurprisingly, the two are the only survivors and so (it is implied) they haul their asses back to confront with the Aspect of the Sun in order for him/her to smite their enemies. They are refused by this higher power and so, they decide to take it upon themselves TO NOT TRAIN AND BETTER THEMSELVES (Atreus even knew he 'was destined for battle haha') but immediately seek out a known legend that if they reach the summit Mount Targon, they'd receive a free power up from the very generous Mr Pantheon himself (because why prove yourself in battle and please the aspect of WAR when you can climb a mountain and please him, he should just change his title to the Aspect of Hiking amiright?). So as you'd expect, the climb was perilous and Pylas died. He didn't even get a proper burial, he just kind of... died. Okay moving on, as we know it our main character has to be able to endure hardships so after that arduous journey to the top he finally reached it. The skies opened up and lo and behold he was gifted POWAAAAA! Except at the cost of the Aspect of War taking over his body (haha is he an Aspect or a Darkin?), I guess he didn't really care about all that hiking stuff in the first place. Alright this is when it starts to just get real bad, I hope you guys are still with me here. "Judging Atreus unworthy, a warrior who had known only defeat, it had taken control of his body to pursue its own ends—a task it considered too great for mortal men." So instead of taking hold of a powerful warrior by other means, he set up this test to find a host by having them climb a mountain only to deem hin unworthy and consider his task too great for mortal men... even though he convinced mortal men to rise up to fight the Darkins in the first place. So, to make sure to stroke his ego, Pantheon sought out to face the enemies in which he had a part in creating, the Darkins. Conveniently, Aatrox one of said Darkins and a previously noble warrior who participated in every grand battle against the Void (he has fought more wars against the voids than pantheon has ever been listed to have), just happened to be in the area and wanted to duke it out with Pantheon. They fought in the most epic of battles, with the most epic of conclusions! It had lasted a whole 1 sentence... "Their fight raged into the skies, and swept through the armies of men beneath… until the impossible occurred." What's this, the impossible occurred I wonder what happened? Well one of them lost and it was... Pantheon! So much for Aspect of War, he literally lost in the only battle we know he participated in recently. So uh what happened, he got stabbed in the chest and it was "a blow that carved the constellation of War from the heavens" whatever the hell that means. Okay and that's how the story ends. Except it doesn't because SHIA SUPRISE, Atreus is still alive! So Atreus does what all smart men do after somehow surviving being stabbed with the most humongous of blades and spits on Aatrox's face who's still a giant... from wherever he is on the ground (I forget how tall ascended are but judging by Aatrox splash AND ASSUMING that Aatrox and Pantheon fought in big boy forms as they 'took to the skies and swept through the armies of men beneath'). Now what does out grand god killing darkin do? He sneers and leaves... wait what. Here are two personal quotes Aatrox has for Pantheon in game. "Pantheon, I see you! Like a lamprey you attach yourself to a host! I will carve you from this mortal's form, and eviscerate you both!" "Pantheon! I will crush your godhood, I will eviscerate your ideals, even your memory... I will trample!" (Source: Aatrox, one of the most prideful of the Darkin, a prisoner of his own ideals, "searching desperately, endlessly, for a way return to his previous Ascended form…" leaves one of the main culprits breathing and able to spit on him with an intact body. First of all, the wound on Pantheon doesn't even make sense because Aatrox's blade looks like this: So either Aatrox was very gentle with the way he 'drove the blade into pantheon's chest' making sure not to hit I don't know, the intestines, the lungs, the ribs, his heart or... Riot did an oopsie here. Okay continuing on with the story, Pantheon (who either has his entire torso cut open from stomach to shoulder or a very gentle cut that swings up all the way) manages to bring himself back home to get nursed and realises that he indeed, is a mortal (a mortal who just won't fking die ironically). So, he rests for a few months, you know like mortals do after receiving a MORTAL WOUND that would leave your average dude dead and then picks up his spear to deal with the rowdy barbarians. Not Aatrox who killed him, no no, he's a mortal now remember? Let's just deal with the mortal problems first... So he gets there and finds out he's late to the party, who does he find there before him? "IT IS I, ATRIX". Atreus realises mortals are mortals and godly beings don't care about mortals and that him very anger, BIG ANGERY. So as all typical shounen protags do, they charge in knowing they should die but hold up SUDDEN PLOT ARMOR ACTIVATES and "Atreus’ own will reignited the Aspect’s spear, upon hearing the cries of the people around him… and with a mighty leap, he struck a blow that severed the Darkin’s sword arm". First of all, that was definitely an ass-pull on the levels of Fairy Tale Secondly did Pantheon seriously just sever Aatrox's arm with a spear? Did he poke thousands of holes through it, or did he slash it like all SMART spear users would do? I'm assuming Aatrox was meant to be in a more humanoid/smaller form to mock Pantheon? Otherwise how did he even reach Aatrox's blade or rather, how did he Aatrox's blows only "cast him to his knees" whereas before when he was fighting with Pantheon "they swept through armies beneath"? Finally, the conclusion. He chops of Aatrox's arm and Aatrox falls over like the big oompa loompa he is... even though Darkins are known for "many forbidden forms of primal magic, crafting their own flesh and armor with equal ease, until they were completely unrecognizable as the noble warriors they had once been" (Source: So what does our noble hero do after he finally defeats this PRIME EVIL BAD GUY? Nothing. He just leaves him LOL. One of the greatest threats to mankind right there, and there is no mention about what happens to him. Atreus was nice enough to just leave him there to recover and go about his destructive ways. Atreus instead looks to the stars and poses like a cool main character and changes his name to Pantheon because "War must be reborn in man". Beautiful. Marvellous. THE END. ---------------------- So, if that didn't convince you the Pantheon Biography was utterly trash well then I'm sorry I have failed. I cannot save you.
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