Corina Veraza

####**_~~Intro~~_** Hey everyone! So here I am talking about something else rather than Lissandra. In recent weeks I have been playing a lot of LoR, specifically the PZ deck and I have loved it. One of the cards I like playing is Corina Veraza, she saved me many times and every time I play her I am always intrigued by her quotes and just the overall character. This thread will be exploring who she is, what her plans are as well as her potential allies (Zyra being one of them).[] **_*~~Character & Life~~*_** Since we have so little content on Corina, I had to really explore and search to find anything that could tell me more about her. Luckily I found some stuff that are definitely exciting. She seems to be a chembaron! Yes either a female chembaron or another similar rich as well as influential figure in Zaun. I came to this conclusion due to her very splashart! We see her located in some kind of a glass house which I personally connected to the glass houses from the 19th century that very wealthy people had in england. This automatically tells me that she has wealth on her side as very very few individuals in Zaun can afford such a place and not even for themselves but as a garden! Furthermore I found this piece of evidence: > Zaun's wealthy maintain isolated crystal houses known as cultivars, which contain life-giving trees and plants as both a symbol of their power and a source of clean air.[] With this we can safely assume that she has at least one if not many more cultivars where she grows her plants, well predomimantly one particular type of flower which I would love to know the species name. Another interesting bit is that when you play her card and you also play the card called "Shady Character" Corina says something along the lines of "Guards get them out of here" and that is again, another piece of information that helps support my argument of her being wealthy and influential. If you look on the universe site under PZ you will also see that there is female chembarons. **_*~~Plans~~*_** There is only a few more quotes she has and those were enough to catch my attention. One of them is "Zaun will be mine" I believe. Which has me thinking, well we know that any chembaron really wants to seize control of Zaun and they keep fighting and sabotaging each other for power. She must be in that game for power too but she does not seem to be eager to act quickly, she seems to want to use her "creation", her Magnum Opus, in order to have Zaun prosper again (no pun intended lol). Zaun is generally a very air- polluted,toxic place to live in especially the lower levels. These chambers of clean air are only without the toxic smell due to the flowers and nature filtering the air. So one of her plans may be to filter Zaun so the air can become pleasent as it is in Piltover. If she truly wants to make Zaun a better place she would no doubt try and achieve that for her people.[] With that in mind there is also Piltover above. Corina seems to despise Piltover as one of her card quotes is: > "I told them that every achievement had its cost. I didn't tell them who would pay it." Even in- game she mentions how she is wanting to doom the people of Piltover. No doubt she will somehow use the plants for that, maybe by poisoning them with her flowers pollen? Not entirely sure how that would work but it would be a great scale killing since she really does not wish for any of them to stay alive. I feel like she wants to take over Piltover but the people are in her way. **_*~~Abilities~~*_** Judging by her looks she does not seem to be entirely herself, it is as if the Zaunite atmosphere harmed her in some way. A lot of people are sick and change parts of their body with chem- tech. Her own body seems a bit "tested" so to speak.. In any case I wonder if she has any magical abilities that allow her to grow plants or if she simply uses chem- tech in order to do so. I can see arguments for both but personally I'd lvoe for her to have some kind of magic. So her primary ability would be cultivating plant species and seemingly giving them some distinctive features. Her clothes are also flowers, apparently. Which growing a flowers to fit you as clothes is impressive so again, her having some kind of magical powers would not be all that weird and if anything it would add a nice twist to PZ since there are very few mages there. **_*~~Her & Zyra~~*_** Another interesting idea I had was Corina's relationship with Zyra. Would they get along? To me Zyra and her share the nature- aspect very much however they seem to be different sides of the same coin with Zyra being more uncotrollable, very hateful toward humans for the sake of survival, fun and Corina seems to be the more controlled, calm and insightful plant master. If they met they would definitely have the hate of metal and gear in common. The hate against humans less so because only Zyra seems to truly want to kill people and Corina simply wants to eradicate those who use technology against the nature. The question here would be if Zyra is able to settle on not killing humanity, if yes then they could work together beautifully to kill those who oppose them but also leave those alive who honor their vision. Overall I can invision them working together if Zyra was to show up in PZ by the means of a Zychid or so.[] On the other hand I can also see them being rivals despite their shared values. If Zyra insists of having people killed for her own pleasure, Corina would not allow that. That would probably be the biggest reason why they would not work hand in hand. Keep in mind that Zyra is not immune and all powerful on her own so she could **definitely** use an ally, but she would need to be smart enough to realize that. Anyway let me know about how you guys feel about all this and rioters are invited to share maybe some interesting bits that we might have missed!! PS. Reave can you make her a champion?Yes, nice :P
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