Regarding voice lines, would be nice if we had more petty or emotional champions in general

The last four releases (Swain, Irelia, Kai’sa, Pyke) are really lacking in the department. On another point old Swain though he did carry himself with grace most times was quite petty when it came to Jarvan. That point made him feel so much more human and real. The reaction to Irelia cutting off his arm is whatever. Okay so this is controversial but I liked how Zoe interacted with Ezreal and Lux but my only problem with this is that made a Riot is saying that it’s a childlish thing to be this emotional but it’s a human trait. By the way I am not saying all champions should wear their emotions on their sleeve (there could lore reasons why they don’t and that’s fine) but that it would make it more relatable.

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